Vero Beach Magazine Excerpt – Local Flavor – Nov 2010

“Because of the homogenization of the American pallet, everyone is accustomed to a turkey that has been injected with saline or whatever else the producers use. But if someone who has only tasted a mass-produced, broad-breast turkey were given both to try, he or she would notice the difference right away. A fresh turkey, produced by someone like Linda that has had nothing added to it, has what I would call a very clean taste.”

Hart’s turkeys are Heritage Breed turkeys with smaller breasts, longer legs and bigger wings, “because they actually fly,” she says. Their breeding makes them naturally moist and flavorful.

A moist turkey is what every cook hopes to achieve but often fails, ending up with dry meat. Because white meat cooks faster than dark meat, Chef Lander explains, the breast meat could dry out before the thickest part of the thigh is fully cooked. So to solve the problem of dryness, besides constant and vigilant basting during the roasting process, he suggests brining the turkey.


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Field to Feast – The Local Palate – October 2012

Field to Feast: Recipes Celebrating Florida Farmers, Chefs, and Artisans (2012)

Pam Brandon, Katie Farmand, and Heather McPherson have compiled a beautiful book of Florida’s bounty that feels like a drive through the coastal woodlands and the country roads of the Sunshine State. Full of portraits of the people who grow and cook the plethora of foodstuffs Florida offers. Field to Feast is at once a travel companion, coffee-table book, and useful cookbook. The recipes are diverse: Chefs James and Julie Petrakis of The Ravenous Pig offer an Alsatian Tart with Spring Peach Salad, which contrasts nicely with Brined and Herb Butter-Basted Turkey from Crazy Hart Ranch in Fellsmere. It’s a delicious and unique portrayal of a thriving culinary landscape.

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