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Crazy Hart Ranch produces pastured poultry supplimented with a feed ration free from antiboitics, hormones, animal byproducts and roxarsone.  Sustainable farming methods are used so that the environment is not polluted and the earth's resources are not depleted. Animals are raised humanely in a natural environment. The result is a product unmatched in quality and taste.



Feature Farmer:


Driving down a dusty dirt road in Fellsmere (located about 20 miles northwest of Vero Beach) one would not expect to find Florida’s leading pastured poultry producer amongst the small 5 and 10-acre lots of hobby farmers. After all, there are no giant poultry houses with huge cooling fans and thousands of chickens in each house. Except for the occasional turkey gobble or murmured clucking of contented chickens... (read more)

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